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This song is by Darkwater and appears on the album Calling The Earth To Witness (2007).

You made me fall again
The fear won't go away, tears never stop to fall
I made a sacrifice, I gave it all away
Shadows call again
I fight my fears in vain, I cannot stop the pain
I guess I'll live this way, until you fade away

I'm trying to forget

Oh, again and again I try
But your eyes will not leave my mind
Oh, again and again

I may seem well, I'm not
My body's just a shell for an inside hell
I am your sacrifice, you gave me all away
Take this fall, I won't
My fear may still be there, my tears still remain
But my wounds will heal, no more for you to steal

I'm trying to forgive

Oh, again and again I try
And your image will leave my mind
Oh, again and again

I guess that the remorse you feel
For what you've done
Is too strong for you to wield

Oh, again and again I try
An your image will leave my mind
So again and again I try
Your sin won't end my life
Oh, again and again (end my life)
Oh, again and again

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