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This song is by Darkthrone and appears on the album Panzerfaust (1995).

Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals
Oh, I drank it empty in one single sip
Eight miles wide the valley beyond all hope
Oh, I filled the whole with one single fist

Five million christians on a ride towards us
Oh, I slaughtered the bunch with one single hit with my spear
Five million women so alone in the night
Oh, I had them all satisfied profusely every night by myself

Ten thousand trolls hard as rock cold as ice
Oh, they ran when I rose to face them
Ten hungry waves they swallowed my ship
Oh, I steadily walked home and I only got wet on my feet

No single book were behelden by me
Oh, no question I cannot do answer
Only one single lamp do show me this way
And that is the eye of Satan

Music by:


Lyrics by:

Greifi Grishnackh (Varg Vikernes)


"Quintessence" features parts identical to Storm's "Noregsgard".

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