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Leave No Cross Unturned

This song is by Darkthrone and appears on the album The Underground Resistance (2013).

So it is over; the last day of yearning
Laugh at your dreams while your bridges are burning
Commander of dread; the nightmare nears
Obstructer of wealth, cauldron of fears

Leave no cross unturned

Where is the void, where is the essence...?
The whirling fear, an ominous presence
Crystallized death, an imminent factor
Vacuum the breaths, blow the reactor

Leave no cross unturned

Stranded by interference
Entangled golden dreams
Rights (are) slayed (and) discarded. UH!
Deranged paths and empty needs... OH!

Torn by the menace
Morbid rites abide
Remnants of Cain!...
In vast abundance... AOH!

Iron your curtains and rover your lands -
The older the fences, the weaker the lamb
Insistent myriads - nothing you've learned
On your knees - the back of the universe's turned

Leave no cross unturned


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