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Green Cave Float

This song is by Darkthrone and appears on the album Goatlord (1996).

I am the fountainstorm from a black heart
I am the desert of redemption
I soar on dead wings of sin
I am pre-nun with a cracked virginity

The arrows of my direction... failed to hit me
[The arrows of moderation failed to hit me]
But the ones who came with fear and hate
Kissed me. Deep. Long. And HARD.
The rose that smelled...
[And those who spelled DEATH are SO ready]

Pale as skin and the cheeks of jewish fairytales
[Paler skin than the sheets of jewish fairytales]
Is sold upon every soul and body of life - LIFE?!
[Is sown upon every soul and body of life]

And I wonder!
Who sees desolation
Through my eyes, hopes and visions
[Through my eyes, holds the vision]
And makes love to it

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