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This song is by Darkthrone and appears on the album Total Death (1996).

In the quest for shudders I was as the absence
Melted in my hand
As clear as my gleaming sorrow

A spectral fascination
For irony to serve
Are the glorious those who triumph
In a kingdom of eternity?
A castle of sand
Whose roof has sheltered my
I sense "the absence of triumph and lust
Abruptly rising to cover the glory in sand"

A whore gave birth to the flies
Who flew away with my beauty
A virgin gave birth to my masks

I simulate the absence
"To enter a kingdom of
Flesh - a ghastly worn shadow
A fiery picture of poet in hell"

Forlorn I was as poets should be
I am as chosen as the weaver himself

Music by:


Lyrics by:

Carl-Michael Eide

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