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Across the Vacuum

This song is by Darkthrone and appears on the album Ravishing Grimness (1999).

Gurning victim - Insane on pain
Bridges burnt - Future cremated
Cursed by damnation - Mental shreddings
Across the vacuum; - The churning souls

Irrationally panzergrim fears
Impending havoc nears
Demons of lost years and seconds
Behold the lord of sin, he beckons

Eerie tornado - Of naked angst
Contamination of sanity - Degenerating rewardsystem
Certified possession - Inverted mind
Nerves left splintered - Bare and torn

Sick (crippled) fucked and forlorn
Another disciple (is) born
Silent feeble cries
No one knows you die

Music by:

Nocturnal Cult

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