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This song is by Darkseed and appears on the album Astral Adventures (2003).

the frost invades
the day's growing dark
lock your doors
misery arrives
black, silent smiles
passion is chained
hatred is born
love forlorn

waiting for the time
when sunbeams touch my face
feel its warm embrace
waiting for the time
when flowers rise again
growing over pain

forests burning bright
fire finds new home
the air blows hot
drying fruity minds
ashes fall like snow
burying our souls
my warning cries
were never heard

waiting for the time
when words will win again
spirit, thought and soul
waiting for the time
when jealousy will die
waiting for the time

spirit under ice
empty veins of blood
all ears are closed
all mouths are locked
murderers of word
murderers of thought
rivers flood down my cheeks

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