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The Misanthrope

This song is by Darkest Hour and appears on the EP The Misanthrope (1996) and on the compilation album Archives (2006).

Thrown into this world,
Forced to live a life not chosen,
Through out this sentence of torment,
Tortured and left for dead,
Shell of a man,
Left alone to drown,
I can't escape,
Like like plaster cast dissolves,
Thrown away,
Fallen victim once again,
At the hands of humanity,
Imprisoned by the lies and fear,
That weigh so heavy upon my back,
Mind becomes numb to slander,
Stripped of all... emotion,
I can't begin to heal the pain,
I must try and end it,
I'll turn my back on this bitter world,
You left me here to die,
You left me here to die.

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