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The Wonders at Your Feet

This song is by Dark Tranquillity and appears on the album Haven (2000).

Deeper shades of red descending
Smear our names, the stains unending

Turn forgiveness, break the lens distorted
Crush the infidel and turn about
Famine in our hearts, bring up the silence louder
Eradicate the lungs and take us higher now!

These are the wonders at your feet
These are the wonders at your...

Weighed upon a wider scale
Afraid to see what takes us down

Sing destruction, sing of unfulfillment
Search abandoned, let the blood be fevered
Ridden of the self provided things get easier
Ignite our minds and let's burn brighter now

These are the wonders at your feet!

These are the wonders at your feet!...