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This song is by Dark Tranquillity and appears on the album Haven (2000).

scattered throughout now
indefinite form
willed to find strangers
in the wickedest state
when it comes upon you my friend
fear not - it makes us men
hidden within ourselves now
lured into hiding out of sight

creation in purity
we don't need no host

suck it in
it waits for noone
take it down
the coming of descent

fiery changeling
reddened and frail
perspire to save it
the remnant of this game
if it launches again today
will our lives begin again
turning away from tides of lust
stronger return against all odds

suck it in
it waits for noone
take it down
the coming of descent

raised to take stand
to separate grace
shown in the wake of new light
seeing it will break
the flavour of aquired taste
another boundary yet to face
witness the revolution
the fabric of essence
come again

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