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Take My Hand

This song is by Dark Time Sunshine and appears on the album ANX (2012).

Sounds as if you need a hand,
Walking through the field of it, living sorts, I hope you understand now.
How you're not the one to make a sense of it all,
I'm a tourist guy, walk along and take my hand.
Welcome to the make up of new paths,
Fast fix 'em, make another face
That you can run for intuition.
But you wake up in the scene of it, in a perspective that's there,
Come along, take my hand and place your thought for me
To end an overcame dead win.
Politic for palace, make my probably balling
And you got near your truth, flow loss from damage
I hear the devil gun shots, the guns, wait, wait.
For frickle prick soldiers looking for spirit,
In light give me tip, over there, there.
Turning tip, sipping tip, you trip, try to mutant the hit,
The ball bades a new politics, holding fire for nothing.

You, a rude wig, stupid, stupid dog
Go ahead, take my hand and de-attach it from the wrist,
Now you're holding it, a little bit far
More than a part that's tricked out,
Mannequin limit real fresh to creep out those who chit-chat.

For years to come about up we assure them,
Going to be going there.
Most for the top on is easy two on flip, no match.
Search for the voice that we used for cameo,
As we float up to tampta.
Cycle semantics is accurate, this mountain no flop,
Six pen in silent, jungle joggling in land with tigers.
Contortionists with them pasties remind you of spiders.
Adam and Eve, apples of six stick in the caramel,
Carousel carny' intoxicating operating the scale.
Modelate all adorament life like
Swam did it already and I'm mike, the ace mike.
Give up a secret or two, about the cannibal man,
Everyone who know who do, only you're losing insane.
Just in the black light gallop and gooms,
The past around all of each other platoon, I think you need room.
Perhaps a moment of soup, yeah, we chill up scene,
Go ahead, let go of my hand, now to the drain.

Pick up that chord, let me death chord bet,
No cup large less, no red heart left,
Sound mine, bound by tights on holdy,
Harass to resolve, zone line one, hold it.
Can't tore more thing, rampart side,
There was sight scenes low when the name towards night
Deem dun hymn by one time own.
Have a green blood line two time in a row.
I'm in the light, the sign is a mist,
Grinding the toast, try little sticks,
I'm in the bites, I'm in the bine,
Head low, back bones stringing,
Achrom, drums like a black home bengeane.
Watch the cat pole spin up in the bench,
I sit through vix like mister wolves bigs
That goes like igloo bricks, neck beer, loose lips,
Hanging loose too when the loose fits.
Tears back flap, chattery bulb cavities,
Out of smattering adult faculties.
Grew up in a cold opacity, matches,
You don't wanna be who the paps and imagine
But then everybody come splash in the hazard
Ribs on the flask in the dagger after,
And I'm popping sort of form her, but I'm itching for the ladder,
Got initials that keep exit in a center, thank you.

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