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Bad Rep

This song is by Dark Lotus and appears on the album Tales From The Lotus Pod (2001).

Everybody love me (No)
Mom and daddy love me (No)
All my neighbors love me
Someone gotta love me (No)

Everybody love me (No)
Mom and daddy love me (No)
Anybody that has heard of me
I know they love me (No)

Everybody treats me like I'm the Anti-Christ
They wanna kill my mama
For givin' me the life
I'm on my tree, they say
I walk a different way
Get on your knees and pray
Lotus it's your judgement day
I like to hang with the hookers and rhinos
And let them give me tatts with their heroin needles, whuut?
I love to kiss on the bitches with bad breath
And choke them by their neck while I just fuck her to death

Now tell me do you love me, or do you love me not {NOT}
Well kiss my ass, the red dot marks the spot
Tell me how you behind me back and always hate
To my face, we straight, bout to make me catch a murder case
Tell me, what make ya brain tick? What the fuck?
To even find the Lotus clique, well, you gotta look
But you can't see us, well try focal heat specs
Matter of fact mother fuck you and my rep

Come over here I wanna tell you a story
It's an ugly one, it's about neden, and how I can't get none
I could have cocaine cum with a crackpipe dick
And I couldn't get a basehead to buff my shit
Speaking of crackheads I am a crackhead
I mean I don't smoke, but I gotta crack in my head
My daddy used to slap my face around with a brick
Until finally the back of my cranium split
I took my shoelace off and sewed it back shut
I wear this goofy wig now to hide the cut
Look nobody loves me I'll be quick to admit it
My momma says she loves me, but she won't let me hit it, I'm kidding
Then you got my brothers they call me metal case
They beat me up and put they cigarettes out on my face
Ah my head throbs
I'm about to enroll in Columbine, and finish the fucking job!

"Hi Kelly, it's me J.
Listen I know you don't like me calling you and stuff, but fuck you.
You know what I mean?
Gimme a chance, I'm not that stale. I mean just because..."

Terrible thoughts run through my mind
Causing my head to fill with anger
Anybody I don't know I wanna strangle
Does that make me such a bad guy? Nope
Y'all like live bitches, I like the dead kind
Hang with killas, creep like phantoms in the darkness
And even though we like to murder we ain't heartless
Can't help it I got a bad reputation
But devastation, all out panic before decapitation

Don't nobody love me, don't nobody care
They'd rather sit and stare, and make fun of my hair
I'ma killa, I'ma devil, I'ma punk, I'ma traitor
My momma hate my guts, but I could never ever hate her
And this bitch I used to fuck say my dick too small
She wasn't sayin' that when she took it all in the jaw
And all my dawgs and my true friends think I'm insane
They say Jamie doesn't rationalize or talk in normal ways

Just gimme a chance and call me back you know?
Just gimme five minutes
Just gimme five fucking minutes
Just quit sucking dicks like a fucking cunt bitch
And call me back
I'm asking for a second chance
Everything I do is always my fault
You're such a fucking slutty fucking whore!
Call me back bitch!

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