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Dead, Yet Alive!

This song is by Dark Avenger and appears on the album Tales of Avalon: The Lament (2013).

Time can heal, thoughtless deeds
I recall one day we were such good friends
But unfolding handshakes still stand,
Won't we try?

Now the time has come my friend
Let us face the contretemps
Will we cry or will we act as one?

I'm aware off all damage
Now it's time to comprehend
The time is now, all the grudge is gone.

There's a goal, deep in our heart
There's a will and a vow
There's a long way to go

Even though the thinking diverges
Our nature is alike! Ever and again.

If we believe we'll cross this line
For better days and wealthy times
And we will see what we have achieved
And we will find
The flame we thought being dead,
So bold and still alive.

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