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​The Oasis

This song is by Dark At Dawn and appears on the album Crimson Frost (2001).

While the Sea of Sand's getting larger - in ev'ry Step you take
You'll find yourself attracted by the Glimpse of Fury deep inside
In ev'ry Moment, to ev'ry Direction - the perfect Angle sends his Light
For the mercyless Judgement to be ratified

Dreams and Visions of Trees in the Wideness pass my Mind
Like a Storm of Desire in the fires gratified
Feel the Breeze on your Skin - to release from Sin
See before your Eyes the Oasis arise

The febrile Impressions are sent from the Past - showing Cities of Sand filled by ancient Hordes in the Names of Their's
Time goes by and the Sea takes it's Children - back home to the Pale
No Signs left for the Future - impenetrable Trail

With the Dawn getting closer the Lights fall - the Silence's last Shout
Goes out into the Wide where the Night comes - one last prance of Fright Future plans with no Chance of Fulfilment - discarding a Life
While this Sea shows no Mercy the Hordes arrive

Ancient Riders of Sand in the Wideness pass my Eye
Closing in on the Trail of all wishes and Desires
See them ride like the Wind - to fulfill your Please
They're taking you home to the Pale of the Seas