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Tower Of Fire

This song is by Dark Army.

((Heres the final version))

Fall on your Knees as you bow to the anceint ones
Apparitions rise in the halls of the dead
As the ageless stranger awakes
Forces will fall as the prophecy says
And the earth will crumble, ane thier souls will shake
In a dream lies the black obscene
And the nemisis shall have it's prey

Now that the night has spoken
And our souls cast shadows to the sky
Destined to fly when the wing has broken
Never to touch the light
In a dream lies the black obscene
And the exodus shall have it's day

The eclipse of the end is upon us again
The face of time has withered and decayed
Buried in the thorny briar
Glowing eyes of distant pyres
Gazing up and ever higher
At the twisted tower of fire

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