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Calm Before Thunder

This song is by Darcane.

"You gotta trust somebody"
Disposal for them all
Supposed of you just to wait for their call

Pretend to be on my side
Suits you when I am blind
Patience to wait so you're just being kind

Return me what I gave you
Show me what there is true
You're far too light to lean on
I'm easy to abandon

Wake up!
Wake up!
Run, damn it, run towards the light!
"Patience to wait so you're just being kind..."

Two sides of every story
So different all of mine
It's understood 'cause your so selfish kind, oh

All justify their actions
One friendship dies in vain
The price was high yet too low for my pain

Gently from the sunrise
Evil 'til the moonlight
Slowly pull me under
Be calm before thunder

Wake up!
Wake up!
Calm before the thunder

I give and you keep taking
That's what you can't confess
I.C.C.L. for I couldn't care less, no more

Drained is the source of mammon
Still rattles empty can:
You're lost like child and too far you have run...

Too far you've run!

Learn that what I taught you
Feel how it's to be through
Know that by the moonlight
I'm gone until the sunrise

Trusting and supporting
Lost of all its meaning
Slowly pulled you under
I'm calm before thunder

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