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It's A War In There

This song is by Dar Williams and appears on the album The End of The Summer (1997).

Well you have been kind and I know it seems helpless
You smooth the ground, tear the knots all apart
You're helping me move from the inside to the outside
You're trying so hard and I can't even start
It's a war in there, it's a war in there

Well you peacemakers go to the same place as soldiers
If you want to make peace, well you gotta find the pain
And you bring your words but you're just like them, you're unprepared
Cause you don't know the terrain
It's a war in there, it's a war in there

And don't you know I'll never give you a medal
Made back on stateside in the central time zone
The one that they pin to the outside, to the outside
And it leads you all the way home
It's a war in there, it's a war in there

But you can hold me now, you can hold me now.

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