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All My Heroes Are Dead (1991)Edit

Dar Williams - All My Heroes Are Dead

All My Heroes Are Dead

  1. All My Heroes Are Dead
  2. For Everyone
  3. Stop Smoking
  4. Mark Rothko Song
  5. Calamity John
  6. Flinty Kind Of Woman
  7. Anthem
  8. Arrival
  9. When It Gets That Way

The Honesty Room (1993)Edit

Dar Williams - The Honesty Room

The Honesty Room

  1. When I Was A Boy
  2. Alleluia
  3. The Great Unknown
  4. When Sal's Burned Down
  5. The Babysitter's Here
  6. You're Aging Well
  7. Traveling Again (Traveling I)
  8. In Love But Not At Peace
  9. Mark Rothko Song
  10. This Is Not The House That Pain Built
  11. I Love, I Love (Traveling II)
  12. Flinty Kind Of Woman
  13. Arrival

Mortal City (1996)Edit

Dar Williams - Mortal City

Mortal City

  1. As Cool As I Am
  2. February
  3. Iowa (Traveling III)
  4. The Christians And The Pagans
  5. This Was Pompeii
  6. The Ocean
  7. Family
  8. The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis Of A Co-Ed
  9. The Blessings
  10. Southern California Wants To Be Western New York
  11. Mortal City

The End of The Summer (1997)Edit

Dar Williams - The End of the Summer

The End of the Summer

  1. Are You Out There
  2. Party Generation
  3. If I Wrote You
  4. What Do You Hear In These Sounds
  5. The End Of The Summer
  6. Teenagers, Kick Our Butts
  7. My Friends
  8. Bought And Sold
  9. Road Buddy
  10. It's A War In There
  11. Better Things

The Green World (2000)Edit

Dar Williams - The Green World

The Green World

  1. Playing To The Firmament
  2. And A God Descended
  3. After All
  4. What Do You Love More Than Love
  5. Spring Street
  6. We Learned The Sea
  7. I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono
  8. Calling The Moon
  9. I Had No Right
  10. It Happens Every Day
  11. Another Mystery
  12. O Canada Girls * limited edition only

The Beauty of the Rain (2003)Edit

Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain

The Beauty of the Rain

  1. Mercy Of The Fallen
  2. Farewell To The Old Me
  3. I Saw A Bird Fly Away
  4. The Beauty Of The Rain
  5. The World's Not Falling Apart
  6. The One Who Knows
  7. Closer To Me
  8. Fishing In The Morning
  9. Whispering Pines
  10. Your Fire, Your Soul
  11. I Have Lost My Dreams

My Better Self (2005)Edit

Dar Williams - My Better Self

My Better Self

  1. Teen For God
  2. I'll Miss You Till I Meet You
  3. Echoes
  4. Blue Light Of The Flame
  5. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  6. Two Sides Of The River
  7. Empire
  8. Comfortably Numb
  9. So Close To My Heart
  10. Beautiful Enemy
  11. Liar
  12. You Rise And Meet The Day
  13. The Hudson

Promised Land (2008)Edit

Dar Williams - Promised Land

Promised Land

  1. It's Alright
  2. Book Of Love
  3. The Easy Way
  4. The Tide Falls Away
  5. Buzzer
  6. The Business Of Things
  7. You Are Everyone
  8. Go To The Woods
  9. Holly Tree
  10. Troubled Times
  11. Midnight Radio
  12. Summerday

In The Time Of Gods (2012)Edit

Dar Williams - In The Time Of Gods

In The Time Of Gods

  1. I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything
  2. This Earth
  3. I Have Been Around The World
  4. The Light & The Sea
  5. You Will Ride With Me Tonight
  6. Crystal Creek
  7. Summer Child
  8. I Will Free Myself
  9. Write This Number Down
  10. Storm King

Other SongsEdit

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  1. All Men Are Liars
  2. Beauty
  3. Charlie Frye
  4. College Girl
  5. Dangling Conversation
  6. Finlandia
  7. Highway Patrolman
  8. Holly Ann (The Weaver Song)
  9. How Do I Work
  10. I Had No History
  11. Into The Abyss Of Forgotten Woods
  12. Intro: Are You Out There
  13. Ireland
  14. Moon Has Imprisoned Me In Her Shine
  15. Nameless
  16. O Canada
  17. Play The Greed
  18. Soporific
  19. Starman
  20. Terrarium
  21. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From
  22. The Longest Journey
  23. Time
  24. Traveling Again
  25. When The Dreams Died
  26. While Roving
  27. Wilder Than Her

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