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Daphne Loves Derby (2003)Edit

Daphne Loves Derby - Songs From 2003 CD

Daphne Loves Derby

  1. Makers And Breakers
  2. Come Winter
  3. Here's One For The Four Years
  4. Hopeless Love
  5. Kent Loves Gig Harbor
  6. Midnight Highway
  7. Part Of My Past
  8. The Wonder Years
  9. The End Of Everything I Loved
  10. Heartbreak For Six Seasons
  11. Tennis Court Soundtrack
  12. The Longest Story

Closing Down The Pattern Depatment (EP) (2004)Edit

Daphne Loves Derby - Closing Down the Pattern Depatment (EP)

Closing Down the Pattern Depatment (EP)

  1. We Bet The Willing
  2. Closing Down The Pattern Department
  3. Come Winter
  4. Deserts Eating Oceans
  5. These Ghosts, My Hopes, The Sand, The Sea

On The Strength Of All Convinced (2005)Edit

Daphne Loves Derby - On The Strength Of All Convinced

On The Strength Of All Convinced

  1. Sundays
  2. Hammers And Hearts
  3. A Year On An Airplane
  4. Birthday Gallery
  5. You Versus The Sea
  6. Kirby
  7. Middle Middle
  8. Pollen And Salt
  9. If You're Lucky, No One Will Get Hurt
  10. Debussie
  11. What We Have Been Waiting For
  12. Dirt Doesn't Travel (Hidden Track)

Goodnight Witness Light (2007)Edit

Daphne Loves Derby - Goodnight Witness Light

Goodnight Witness Light

  1. Are Two Chords Enough, Dear?
  2. Stranger, You And I
  3. Iron In The Backseat
  4. No One Is Convinced
  5. Marching Band Intro
  6. That's Our Hero Shot
  7. To Struggle With Light Colors
  8. Cue The Sun
  9. Miniature Christmas Tree
  10. Love & Mercy
  11. Hello Color Red
  12. The Best Part About It Honey
  13. How's It Going To End

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. A Sudden Change
  2. All Things Must End
  3. At Last
  4. Aware, Rust And Repair
  5. Bedroom
  6. Boxer
  7. Christmas Lights
  8. Disregard The Past Few Days
  9. Envy (Demo)
  10. Ergo Propter
  11. Guerra All' Interno
  12. Guerro All Interno
  13. I Wish You Knew This Song Was About You
  14. Patterns And How They Change The Visible World
  15. Patterson's West
  16. Show Show
  17. Simple, Starving To Be Safe
  18. Sun
  19. Untitled

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