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Soul On Fire

This song is by Danzig and appears on the album Danzig (1988).

Angels fall to Earth... World heats down
Now your heart is cold...
Waiting on the Summer of my soul

Devil-girl you must burn
Burn at the touch of Autumn's breath
Burn that heart of cold
Simmering in the Samhain of my soul

Gotta' wait, on the Samhain of my soul
Gonna' bring your world, down in fire

(Verse 1] / [Chorus x2)

Come wrap my love in your house of ice
Melt you down more than once or twice
Make you shake till worlds align
See your body tremble with the blood on fire
'Cause the season in my veins will end ur world
To the season of the flames you must pray and -
Learn - Change all the things that you've ever -
Seen - Change all vision... Kill all endings

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