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Evil Thing

This song is by Danzig and appears on the album Danzig (1988).

I serve my perdition in this private Hell
A thousand angers have kept me alive
Carve a hole in your distorted soul
I'm here to bang it, yeah

The blessing is a curse
Seduction and thirst feeds the hunger
Take a little caution when you look my way
See the emptiness in my eyes
& the evil thing that I bring, soulless light, yeah

Warning is come upon your heels
Feel your dreams slip away
Take a little caution in the dead of night
Let the darkness rise again

Want the needing - Want to feel you near
Want you, need your, life (x2) ...Feed it to me

Yeah, [Pre-Chorus (alt)] (minus last line)

Yeah, yeah, Want the needing
Want to feel you near - Want your soul
Want you, need your, life (x2), yeah

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