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Am I Demon

This song is by Danzig and appears on the album Danzig (1988) and on the album Thrall - Demonsweatlive (1993).

This song has been covered by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy under the title "Am I Demon".
Hordes of faces, empty eyes - I see nothing new
Seasoned schemes of slimy curs,
Offer up their flu

Am I beast or, am I human? Am I just like you?
Power seething, really reeling,
Reaching out for you...
Am I demon? You need to know!

Faces of a million Hells, rage inside these veins
Pounding out deserved pain to anyone in need

[Chorus (alt)] (line 4, x2)

Every world and every limb, torn asunder base
Everything I need is me - Everything I am

[Chorus] ...Am I demon? Need to know!

Written by:

Glenn Danzig

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