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Comin' True

This song is by Danny Spanos and appears on the album Looks Like Trouble (1984).

This song is a cover of "Comin' True" by Streetheart.
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Leavin' a trail of broken glass
I'm leadin' a life of nowhere fast
Is this your idea of havin' fun, oh baby?
I don't wanna see you comin' undone, undone, no

Tomorrow's not a dirty word
You're talkin' in your sleep
Or am I gettin' through to you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Comin' true, the dream is alive
Wake up and spread the news
Comin' true, we've finally arrived
The dream is comin' true

Too many too soon have crashed and burned
Too little, too late is a lesson I learned
If you're gonna fly you'd better have wings, baby
Get up, get up and see what the daybreak brings

Our future's not a foreign land
A million miles away
My friends, we're not just passin' through
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Lyrics by:

Jeff Neill, Spider Sinnaeve, Kenny Shields, Darryl Gutheil, Randy Bishop

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