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Two Hearts

This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album Tales From The Invisible Man (2003).

I grew up on the 8-track,
And any day now the comeback.
I'm tangled up on the floor in the headphones cord.
Way back when DJ means DJ,
And roller disco on Sundays.
The hiss and crackle 'n' skip,
The woofers flutter and clip.

Let's go back.
When 2 hearts, they never hurt no one.
When 2 hearts, they added up to one.
That heart could never come undone, it never weighed a ton.
Hey DJ play that track, somebody take me back.

I got no beepers, no pagers.
Just Farrah Fawcett-Lee-Majors.
The sunset drive-in at dark,
We cruise in gently and park.
I'm making out on the shag rug,
With Mary Anne and some soft drugs.
Places I'd never seen except in magazines.

45's and skirts, Bowie on my shirt.
Set your phasers on stun, leave all the kids out in the sun,
Atari& Pong, they never did us wrong.
Someone take me back.

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