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This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album In The Belly Of A Whale (2001).

I follow footprints through the snow,
Right down the middle of the road.
The xmas lights across the lake,
The xmas cheer, the angel cake.

The mistletoe, the candy cane,
I ride your bumper down the lame,
The panning steady cam slow-mo.
Zooms with hypnotizing flow.

Here in this perfect snow globe night,
You keep shaking my life.

The smell of fire wood and rum,
Carolers sing par um puma pum.
I heard that one and one make 3,
Does that mean you and us make me?

Here on this cold December night,
Here on this coal black ice.
Here at the bottom of this hill,
The camera jams and tears the film.

And the sky is falling tonight.

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