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This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album Tales From The Invisible Man (2003).

I got halfway to the canyon,
and all the stars were shining bright.
Your polaroid on the dashboard,
it kept me going through the night.
So don't wait up, just rest your eyes.
'Cause I can't rush this beautiful ride.

Nobody move, this is perfect.
It's just like you.

I saw the sun c-c-crash in the ocean.
And all the vampires on their way.
All the pretty girls spill tanning lotion,
and they scatter in the rain.

And my walkman sang my favorite song.
In this perfect light I can't go wrong.

Nobody move, this is perfect.
It's just like you.
I'm counting the drop that ran down the window.
I'm counting the girls on the transport flap.
I saw the curve of the earth devour,
as you feel asleep in my lap.

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