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Myself & I

This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album In The Belly Of A Whale (2001).

There's nothing to fear, I'm right here.
So don't worry your pretty head.
So count me some sheep and go back to sleep,
and forget all those things that I said.
Don't shed a tear or get swallowed by fear,
but those words are so easy to say.
'Cause if I can't control it, then how would I know it.
If I suddenly fall and slip away.

When things fall out of a place I go quiet like space.
and I'm tired of me myself & I.

Don't look so sad, 'cause things aren't that bad.
Your ups and your downs have come up.
You might be surprised if you'd open your eyes,
to that they work better shut.
But you'll never see that side of me,
you're too busy running around.
It's the gold and the copper that the real me could offer,
that's the treasure that neve gets found.

When things fall out of place I go quiet like space,
and I'm tired of me myself & I.
But i'm tied to me myself & I.
I'm tied to me myself & I.
And Ied to me myself & I.

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