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Binary Star

This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album Sunset Sea (2010).

My binary star
Together we move
Companions for life
The ballet, the groove

My binary star
You're brighter than me
Nothing compares
You're all I see

My binary star
I'm counting on you
Wherever you spin
I shadow your moves

My binary star
Tell me what's wrong
You stand in the dark
And stare at the sun

My binary star
We gotta be strong
You spin out of control
And you drag me along

My binary star
I thought you were mine
But gravity calls
And you leave me behind

And now your shadow eclipse
It rubs me out in the night
You've made me a fool
You drift out of my life

You're the primary star
Go on, be free
I'm secondary
It's all I'll ever be

My binary star
Things can't be the same
You've drifted too far
There's no one to blame

My binary star
My binary star
My binary star

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