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Beautiful Nothing

This song is by Danny Michel and appears on the album In The Belly Of A Whale (2001).

Beautiful nothing is all I want to hear,
beautiful nothing music to my ears.
So stop all your bang clanging,
shouting and stomping around.
Beautiful nothing, it's the sweetest of sounds.

Beautiful nothing, well it just never wins.
there's no room for nothing, it never fits in.
And the world keeps on smash crashing,
and souts at the top of it's lungs.
Beautiful nothing, rolls off my tongue.

Up in outer space I hear there's no sound,
I'd be floating slowly around.
And all I can hear are my beins as they start,
to pump blood to my heart.
To flood my whole heart.

Beautiful nothing is all I want to hear.
The sweet sound of nothing, but the sound of our tears.
So lay down here and hold me,
and don't even think a sound.
Beautiful nothing, it won't let us down.
Beautiful nothing, it won't let us down.

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