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Clear (1998)Edit

  1. Satellite
  2. Home
  3. Shelltown
  4. Another Love Song
  5. Gloomy Sunday
  6. Bremen
  7. Before The World Was Round
  8. I Wish You Away
  9. Won't Somebody Help Me
  10. Last Straw
  11. Come Around (live)
  12. Bremen (original demo)

Fibsville (1999)Edit

Danny Michel - Fibsville
  1. Coalmine
  2. Hartley
  3. Souvenir
  4. Who Cares
  5. Mr. Black
  6. River On the Moon
  7. Whale of a Tale
  8. Drown
  9. The Smell of Gas
  10. Old Tattoo
  11. Fantastic Place
  12. Elgin Avenue
  13. The Graduation Present
  14. Melt

In The Belly Of A Whale (2001)Edit

Danny Michel - In The Belly Of A Whale
In The Belly Of A Whale
  1. Newton's Apple
  2. In The Belly Of A Whale
  3. I Don't Wanna Hear It
  4. We're Gonna Be Alright
  5. Toledo
  6. Bones
  7. Beautiful Nothing
  8. Snowglobe
  9. Down With The Ship
  10. Myself & I
  11. King Of Fools
  12. Jonathan Gull
  13. Fireworks
  14. Elgin Avenue

Tales From The Invisible Man (2003)Edit

Danny Michel - Tales From The Invisible Man
Tales From The Invisible Man
  1. Perfect
  2. In Your Arms
  3. We All Fall Down
  4. Two Hearts
  5. Beautiful
  6. The Invisible Man
  7. In Full Effect
  8. Luckiest Man In The World
  9. Thunder In The Mountain
  10. When I Get Out
  11. Would You Buy A Frame?
  12. Oh Francisco

Loving The Alien (2006)Edit

Danny Michel - Loving The Alien
Loving The Alien
  1. Young Americans
  2. Moonage Daydream
  3. Ashes to Ashes
  4. Always Crashing In The Same Car
  5. Andy Warhol
  6. DJ
  7. Big Brother
  8. Red Sails
  9. God Knows I'm Good
  10. Sons Of The Silent Age
  11. Lady Stardust

Valhalla (2006)Edit

Danny Michel - Valhalla
  1. Its Not the End of the World
  2. White Lightning
  3. Running
  4. Into the Flame
  5. Midnight Train
  6. Tennessee Tobacco
  7. Young Man
  8. Save it
  9. Black Tornados
  10. The Valley of Doom
  11. You're Not Alone
  12. I Will Love you For Miles

Feather, Fur & Fin (2008)Edit

Danny Michel - Feather, Fur & Fin
Feather, Fur & Fin
  1. Feather, Fur & Fin
  2. Clear
  3. If God's On Your Side (Then Who's On Mine)
  4. Tell Sally
  5. The 14 Masks of Danger
  6. Motorcade
  7. I’m ‘a Love You Anyway
  8. Sweet things
  9. Rye Whiskey & Wine
  10. On My Way

Sunset Sea (2010)Edit

Danny Michel - Sunset Sea
Sunset Sea
  1. Maybe You Can Find It In Your Heart
  2. Wish Willy
  3. Who's Gonna Miss You?
  4. This Feeling
  5. When I'm You
  6. Switchman
  7. Norma Desmond
  8. Binary Star

Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me (2012)Edit

Danny Michel & The Benque Players - Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
  • with The Benque Players, members of The Garifuna Collective
  1. What Colour Are You?
  2. A Cold Road
  3. Survivor's Guilt
  4. Into The Light
  5. Just the Way I Am
  6. Break It You Buy It
  7. The First Night
  8. Take My Heart and Run
Extra tracks released in 2013
  1. Behind the Waterfall
  2. Sad And Beautiful World
  3. This Is What Is

Other SongsEdit

  1. If God's On Your Side
  2. Take My Heart And Run
  3. The Masks Of Danger

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1998-present
  • Danny Michel & the Benque Players or Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective - aliases for collab with Belize musicians
Record labels:

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