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V. ''I Forget''

This song is by Danny Elfman and appears on the album Serenada Schizophrana (2006).

I Forget

I had a thought that rapidly I lost,
I ask here and there,
Where did I leave it?
Not here, not there,
Not there or over there,
Not in the garden nor in the attic,
Where could it have gonne?
Where did it go?
Don't know, don't know,
Could I have left it at the café?
On a paper, in the fountain
With the coin I threw in?
Did it go swimming with a fish?

My dog perhaps carried it off, hidden behind his bone.
I sniff the garden secretly - could it be buried there?
Not here, not there, not over there,
I look there, I look here, and nothing, ah ...
A-one, a-two, and a-forgot,
My cleverness has left.
My story is erased again,
There is no today, nor never, nor afterward,
There is no today, nor never, nor afterward...

My reasoning fades out inside a cup of sugar,
My soul is turning into salt inside a drawer.
I am riding on a cloud that rises, rises, and rises,
And it will never stop; it leaves
It flies above the city; it leaves ...
O sensation! an inspiration
Is just this moment coming to me!
Fascination and distraction -
Tell me what I was talking about?
I go here, I go over there,
I go there, I go over here,
With a black crow that is chasing me. Ah!

I'm looking in the kitchen, in the garbage cans,
Inside a shoe, sunken in the sofa,
My life and reason going incognito are. I look under the tablecloth, in a loaf of bread,
On scribbles on paper long ago thrown away,
Decorations on cake, in the washing machine.

My genius is gone, my idea escaped,
I have forgotten my plan, my story is lost.
How, how?
My thoughts have moved into a tin can.
Between pillow and mattress
My dream has gotten stuck.
Not here, nor there, nor over there,
I look there, and there, and nothing ...
They are swimming in the coffee,
Dancing on the wall,
Jumping around in a net
Or in the soap, or in a vase,
Or a balcony, or in the garden,
Or in the hall, or among the salt,
Or in a drawer, where is it,
Where did it go... my life?.

My thoughts have moved into a tin can.
My reasoning is fading... into where, into where is ...
Solo and chorus
Not here, nor there, nor anywhere. Ah!

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