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Heart Beats (2007)Edit

Danny - Heart Beats

Heart Beats

  1. I'll Be Over You
  2. Tokyo
  3. Hey (I've Been Feeling Kind of Lonely)
  4. Only Wanna Be With You
  5. Play It for the Girls
  6. Blue
  7. Purest Delight
  8. If Only You
  9. Do or Die
  10. Together Some Day
  11. Stay
  12. Tokyo (Spanish Version)
  13. Here I Am

Set Your Body Free (2008)Edit

Danny - Set Your Body Free

Set Your Body Free

  1. Radio
  2. Kiss You All Over
  3. Emely
  4. Utopia
  5. All on You
  6. Unite This Heart
  7. Need to Know
  8. Set Your Body Free
  9. Running Away
  10. Schizophrenia
  11. Turn Off the Sound
  12. Just Like That
  13. If Only You
  14. Tokyo

In the Club (2011)Edit

Danny - In the Club

In the Club

  1. In Your Eyes
  2. Tonight (featuring The Provider)
  3. In the Club
  4. In Love With a Lover
  5. Never Gonna Take Us Down (featuring Swingfly)
  6. Catch Me If You Can
  7. Just Like That (featuring Lazee)
  8. Cassandra

Amazing (2012)Edit

Danny - Amazing


  1. Amazing

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Best Day
  2. Go Ahead
  3. Insomniac's Delight
  4. L.o.v.e.
  5. Magicredshoes
  6. Other Boy
  7. Thank Jon
  8. The Coming of May
  9. Your Face
  10. You

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