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Everybody Changes Underwater

This song is by Dannii Minogue and appears on the album Girl (1997).

It's dark and silent
Where am I?
Warmth surrounds my body
My eyes are closed, but I see
Colours that soothe the soul
Moving as part of this world
Taken into the ebb and flow
Diving deeper
Beckoned by dolphins
They appear and dance around me
Brushing against my skin, tickling
I swim closer, speaking in thought
So innocent and friendly
I understand it's safe beneath the waves

Is this real?
Is this real?

Everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater

I come up for air
Eyes wide open, everything is new
Water cascades into the cool pool
I move from the water to a garden
Fruit hangs from the trees
I reach up and take it
It's ripe, soft, and sweet
A field of long grass
I run my fingers through the blades
Feeling sleepy
I lie back, closing my eyes
The sun soothes me
I begin to feel lighter
Floating higher and higher
Higher and higher

Everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater

There's now darkness
Looking down, the world is far below
If I fall, who will catch me?
Space, everywhere at once and nowhere at all
Floating, a small part of the endless universe
I feel glowing stars
Pulsating and radiant, so warm to touch
A blinding light appears
Silhouettes and voices I recognize
They reach out their hands
And welcome me, like angels

Is this real?
Is this real?

Lyrics by:

David Green and Dannii Minogue

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