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Dannii (1990)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Dannii


  • Released in Japan under the title "Party Jam" and in Europe as "Love And Kisses".
  1. Party Jam
  2. Call to Your Heart
  3. So Hard to Forget
  4. Love and Kisses
  5. Work
  6. Love Traffic
  7. Success
  8. I Don't Wanna Take This Pain
  9. Attitude
  10. True Lovers
Bonus Tracks on "Love And Kisses"
  1. Jump To The Beat
  2. Baby Love
  3. Hallucination

Get Into You (1993)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Get Into You

Get Into You

  1. This Is It
  2. Love's on Every Corner
  3. Until We Meet Again
  4. Tonight's Temptation
  5. Be Careful
  6. I Dream
  7. Show You the Way to Go
  8. Lucky Tonight
  9. This Is the Way
  10. Get Into You
  11. If You Really
  12. Wish You'd Stop Wishing
  13. Kiss and Make Up
  14. It's Time to Move On

Girl (1997)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Girl


  1. All I Wanna Do
  2. Heaven Can Wait
  3. So in Love With Yourself
  4. Am I Dreaming?
  5. Everybody Changes Underwater
  6. Everything I Wanted
  7. If It Moves - Dub It
  8. Disremembrance
  9. It's Amazing
  10. Movin' Up
  11. Coconut (Hidden Track)
Japanese Bonus Track
  1. Someone New
Re-Release Bonus Track
  1. Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiasts Brittlestar Requiem Mix)

Neon Nights (2003)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Neon Nights

Neon Nights

  1. Put the Needle on It
  2. Creep
  3. I Begin to Wonder
  4. Hey! (So What)
  5. For the Record
  6. Mighty Fine
  7. On the Loop
  8. Push
  9. Mystified
  10. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
  11. Vibe On
  12. A Piece of Time
  13. Who Do You Love Now?
  14. It Won't Work Out
  15. Come and Get It
Bonus Tracks
  1. Begin To Spin Me Round (Radio Edit)
  2. Come And Get It (Alternative Radio Edit)
  3. Nervous
  4. Hide And Seek
  5. (Est-Ce Que) Tu M'Aimes Encore (Who Do You Love)
  6. Goodbye Song
  7. Who Do You Love Now? (Riva's Bora Bora Edit)
  8. Put The Needle On It (Cicada Vocal Mix)

Club Disco (2007)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Club Disco

Club Disco

  1. Touch Me Like That
  2. Feel Like I Do
  3. Perfection
  4. You Won't Forget About Me
  5. Love Fight
  6. I'm Sorry
  7. Gone
  8. So Under Pressure
  9. Good Times
  10. Sunrise
  11. He's the Greatest Dancer
  12. I Can't Sleep at Night
  13. I Will Come to You
  14. I've Been Waiting for You
  15. Round the World
  16. Do You Believe Me Now?
  17. Xanadu

Unleashed (2007)Edit

Dannii Minogue - Unleashed


  1. Blame It on the Music
  2. Spend Your Love on Me
  3. Going Going Gone
  4. Undeniable
  5. No Romeo
  6. Hurt in Love
  7. Love Me Like This
  8. Bad Weather
  9. Invitation
  10. It Won't Work Out (Single Mix)
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. Viva L'amour
Album Outtakes
  1. Karma Is A Bitch
  2. Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?)

Other ReleasesEdit

Featured Artist
  1. Boogie Woogie with Eurogroove
  2. Rescue Me with Eurogroove
  3. Take Me Inside with Afterlife
  4. Trip with Thriller Jill from Departure Lounge: World Grooves (2005)
  1. Dirty Diana (cover of "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson)
  2. Dress You Up
  3. Holiday
  4. Lucky Star (cover of "Lucky Star" by Madonna)
  5. Heart of Glass from Unleashed (1998) Wikipedia16
  6. Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves (Eurythmics cover)
  1. Everlasting Night from Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras of 1999 (1999)
  2. Everlasting Night (Original Version) from The 1995 Sessions (2009) Wikipedia16
  3. I'll Be Home for Christmas from The Spirit of Christmas 2006 Wikipedia16
  1. The Final Countdown (cover of "The Final Countdown" by Europe) from Phenomenon (1987)
  2. Let's Go (cover of "Let's Go" by The Cars) from Phenomenon (1987)
  3. Material Girl (cover of "Material Girl" by Madonna) from Now And Then (1985)
  4. No Secret from This Is The Way (1993) Wikipedia16
  5. Put the Needle on It (Radio Edit)
  6. The Gift of Christmas from The Gift Of Christmas (1995)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. (Video)
  2. Bad
  3. Crazy
  4. Don't Wanna Leave You Know
  5. Exclusively
  6. Free Your Love
  7. Galaxy
  8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  9. Hey (So What)
  10. How Will I Know
  11. I Got You Babe
  12. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  13. I'm Cryin
  14. If You're in Love With Me
  15. Let Love Into Your Life
  16. Love in Me
  17. Love Will Find a Way
  18. My Change
  19. Open Your Heart
  20. Piece of Time
  21. Rudolph (Special Christmas Mix)
  22. Skin Deep
  23. Take My Time Loving You
  24. True Blue
  25. Twist My Arm
  26. Where's the Party

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