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This Day Is A Loaf

This song is by Danielson and appears on the album Best Of Gloucester County (2011).

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This day is a loaf
Of fresh baking bread.
Start with the crust
You got big things
Right, right on ahead

The compass passions
Are new every morning
The last day has past
Cast it it was so
So long ago
Yesterday's news
Take a dirt napping snooze

Some Quiet Time
To get yourself ready
Don't skip the meal
Or your day will just
Fade all away
(Steering me all around oafishly
Gotta use my loaf)

Let there be light so that the Day Spring be on high.
(And it was good.)

Worry creeps in like a thief in the night time.
That plague of flies will be denied
With renewing minds

Leave tomorrow alone
It has its own trouble
By day you lead love
By night your song is bubbling on
A day is like a thousand years to you
(As it should.)

Bowels of Mercy visit a dayspring from the height
(It is good.)

(The mother loaf with baskets overflow.)
(It's so good.)

Let there be light so that the Day Spring be on high
(It is good)
Guiding the feet of us in a way into to all the peace
(And as it should)
Bowels of mercy visit a dayspring from the height
(It's so good)
(As it should)
(You are good)
(You're so good)

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