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A Prayer For Every Hour (1994)Edit

Danielson - A Prayer For Every Hour

A Prayer For Every Hour

A Prayer for Every Hour

A Prayer For Every Hour (Enhanced)

  1. Nice Of Me
  2. Feeling Tank
  3. Ugly Tree
  4. Like A Vacuum
  5. Need A Beard
  6. Pepcid 20mg
  7. Birds
  8. 1,000 Push-ups
  9. God Bless
  10. Guilt Scout
  11. What To Wear
  12. Do A Good Turn Daily
  13. Burn In Hart
  14. Hot Air
  15. Be Your Wildman
  16. Pray 1,995 Prayers
  17. Headz In Da Cloudz
  18. Soul
  19. Heimlich Remover
  20. Naive Child
  21. Tell Me Oh You
  22. In The Malls Not Of Them
  23. No Foundation
  24. Pretty

Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block (1997)Edit


Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block

Danielson - Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block (Vinyl)

Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block (Vinyl)

  1. A No No
  2. Ye Olde Battleaxe
  3. Me To Datee
  4. The Lord's Rest
  5. Flesh Thang
  6. Jersey Loverboy
  7. I Am My Beloved's
  8. Big Baby
  9. Deviled Egg
  10. Quest For Thrills
  11. Smooth Death
  12. Jokin' At The Block

Insound Tour Support Series No. 2 (1998)Edit

Insound Tour Support

Insound Tour Support Series No. 2

  1. Nashville: No Sanctuary Death Face (Parts 1-4) by Soul-Junk and Danielson
  2. Alpha & Omega by Soul-Junk
  3. A No No (Blackout) by Danielson
  4. Wax Presidential by Soul-Junk
  5. The Lord's Rest by Danielson
  6. Graveyard-Style by Soul-Junk

Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha) (1998)Edit


Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha)

  1. Tri-Danielson!!!
  2. Southern Paws
  3. Rubbernecker
  4. Body English
  5. Runnin' To Brother
  6. Btwn. The Lines of the Scout Signs
  7. A Meeting With Your Maker
  8. Gorgeous New Age
  9. Pottymouth
  10. The Elderly + The Little Ones Unite In Song + Dance
  11. Holy Kisser's Block Party
  12. Flesh
  13. Lord Did You Hear Harrison?

Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega) (1998)Edit


Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega)

  1. Cutest Lil' Dragon
  2. Idiot Boksen
  3. Thanx To Noah
  4. Fruitful Weekend
  5. Failing A Test = Falling In Love
  6. Guilt Scouting
  7. Sold! To The Nice Rich Man!
  8. The Nose Knows
  9. Don't You Be The Judge
  10. Deeper Than My Gov't
  11. Deeper Than The Gov't
  12. Deeper Than Our Gov't
  13. Simply Be Just
  14. Tri-Danielson!!!

Fetch The Compass Kids (2001)Edit


Fetch The Compass Kids

  1. We Don't Say Shut Up
  2. Let Us A.B.C.
  3. Good News For The Pus Pickers
  4. Fetch The Compass Kids
  5. Rallying The Dominoes
  6. Sing To The Singer
  7. The Wheel Made Man
  8. Singers Go First
  9. Fathom The Nine Fruits Pie
  10. Who The Hello
  11. Can We Camp At Your Feet
  12. Farmers Serve The Waiters

Brother Is To Son (2004)Edit


Brother Is To Son

  1. Things Against Stuff
  2. Cookin' Mid-County
  3. Animal In Every Corner
  4. Daughters Will Tune You
  5. Our Givest
  6. Sweet Sweeps
  7. Perennial Wine
  8. Hammers Sitting Still
  9. Physician Heal Yourself
  10. Brother:Son

Ships (2006)Edit



  1. Ship The Majestic Suffix
  2. Cast It At The Setting Sail
  3. Bloodbook On The Halfshell
  4. Did I Step On Your Trumpet?
  5. When It Comes To You I'm Lazy
  6. Two Sitting Ducks
  7. My Lion Sleeps Tonight
  8. Kids Pushing Kids
  9. Time That Bald Sexton
  10. He Who Flattened Your Flame Is Gettin' Torched
  11. Five Stars And Two Thumbs Up

Danielson Alive (2008)Edit

Danielson Alive (EP)

Danielson Alive (EP)

  1. Body English (CBC ‘Brave New Waves’ at The Reverb, Toronto, April, 10 1999)
  2. Flesh Thang (Live w/ choir at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT 2003)
  3. Southern Paws (Dutch Radio session for VPRO, November, 22 2006)
  4. Runnin' To Brother (Live w/ choir at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT 2003)
  5. Physician Heal Yourself (Live at Calvin College, April 13, 2005)
  6. Smooth Death (CBC “Brave New Waves” at The Reverb, Toronto, April 10, 1999)

Trying Hartz (2008)Edit

Trying Hartz

Trying Hartz

  1. Now Try
  2. Body English
  3. Flip Flop Flim Flam
  4. Singers Go First
  5. Jersey Loverboy
  6. Animal In Every Corner (Version Of Lil' Restraint, remixed by Kramer)
  7. Rubbernecker
  8. Sold! To The Nice Rich Man! (Live)
  9. Thanx To Noah
  10. Rallying The Dominoes
  11. The Lord's Rest (Live)
  12. A Meeting With Your Maker
  13. Daughters Will Tune You
  14. Runnin' To Brother
  15. A No No
  16. Good News For The Pus Pickers
  17. Don't You Be The Judge (Live)
  18. The Wheel Made Man
  19. Fetch The Compass Kids (Live)
  20. Idiot Boksen
  21. Nice Of Me (Live)
  22. Cutest Lil' Dragon(Live)
  23. Pottymouth
  24. Southern Paws
  25. I Am My Beloved's (Live)
  26. Hammers Sitting Still (Live)
  27. Smooth Death
  28. Cheer Hart

Best Of Gloucester County (2011)Edit

Danielson - Best Of Gloucester County

Best Of Gloucester County

  1. Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance
  2. This Day Is A Loaf
  3. Grow Up
  4. Lil Norge
  5. But I Don't Wanna Sing About Guitars
  6. People's Partay
  7. Olympic Portions
  8. You Sleep Good Now
  9. Hovering Above That Hill
  10. Denominator Bluise
  11. Hosanna In The Forest


Songs on CompilationsEdit

  1. Worried Shoes by Daniel Smith & Sufjan Stevens
  2. Who Are Parents?

Other SongsEdit

  1. Did I Step On Your Trumpet

Additional information

Years active:

Since 1994

Band members:

  • Daniel Smith - Vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Elin Smith - Vocals, violin, percussion kit, jaw harp
  • Andrew Smith - Percussion kit, vocals
  • David Smith - Drum kit, vocals
  • Megan Slaboda - Vocals, bells, glock, marimba
  • Rachel Galloway - Vocals, flute, keys, tambourine
  • Joseph Christiaan Palladino - Keys, electronics, vocals
  • Melissa Palladino - Vocals, violin

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