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Daydream Believer

This song is by Danielle White.

Oh I could hide beneath the wings of a blue bird as she sings
The six o'clock alarm would never ring
But it rings and we rise
Wipe the sleep out of our eyes
The shaving razors cold and it stings

Cheer up sleepy Jean
Oh what can it mean
To a daydreambeliever
And a homecomming queen

I once thougt of you as a white knight on a steed
Now you know how happy we can be
Oh and the good times started then
With a dollar one to spend
But how much baby do we really need

Cheer up sleepy jean
Oh what can it mean
To a daydream believer
Just a daydream believer
Yes a daydream believer and a home coming queen

Daydream believer

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