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Did I Lead You On?

This song is by Danielle Brisebois and appears on the album Arrive All Over You (1994).

Man - did I smile too much
What gave it away - that I need a touch
Did my eyes - whisper she's lonely
Let's talk a drive - come on
Lady with me - Lady with me

I've never said this before to a man
I'm getting a little bolder understand
I've locked the door behind me
Now you're here - I'm ready - lead the way

Did I lead you on
Oh - if I did I'm sorry
If I made you feel
This love would only be temporary
Did I lead you on
Don't lead me
Don't leave me
Leave me for another wo-

Man - did I hold too tight
Would if turn you on - if I turned off the lights
Then you smile and say I can't do that
You know you got me worried
You tell me I can't touch you there
Come on - Lady with me
Stay with me

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