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Odd Valley

This song is by Daniele Liverani and appears on the album Daily Trauma (2004).

Hey I'm talking to you guys!
Plaese walk this way!
Yes! I'm just a tree but
I've got things to say!

This is a forbidden place
You must go away!
You'd be better to go back
From where you came!

Can't you see?
We look like odd numbers!
Look at me!
Do you know what this means?

You've got close to the home of the king
Why have you pushed yourself
Into the meanders of these secret lands!

(Odd trees choir) go away!
(Seventree) so please!
(Odd tree choir) go away!
(Seventree) c' mon!
(Odd tree choir) go away!
(Seventree) go away!

(Seventree) are you walking on this path
(Seventree and odd trees choir) so unfriendly
(Seventree) just because you've lost yourselves
(Seventree and odd trees choir) in this

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