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I Die

This song is by Daniele Liverani and appears on the album Genius: A Rock Opera, Part III: The Final Surprise (2007).

Here is the end driving me close to eternity
I hope you had enough time for what you had to do

I am so sorry
I feel so sad

I tried to survive and fight for you
But slowly my mind fades away
Joining all the rest
I should have died without pain
But now I know I won't

I am so sorry
I feel so sad

Raising my hands to the sky
Here I die
Here I die
I'm that ill being
Without a heart
Without a human soul
But since we met
I have learned
That I was something more
I had to hurt you
I wish to say I'm sorry
But my time is going to end, my friend
Here I die
If only I'll survive
For some more time
If only I had the chance
To leave you said
Goodbye, my dear friend
Here I die
Here I die
Here I die