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  1. He Will Die (Russel Allen-Daniel Gildenlow-Mark Boals)
  2. Playing In Their Dreams (Edu Falaschi-Mark Boals-Daniel Gildenlow)
  3. You Won't Escape (Russel Allen)
  4. Valley (Jeff Martin)
  5. Beware (Roberto Tiranti)
  6. My Dear Son (Eric Martin)
  7. What He Has To Say (Roberto Tiranti-Johnny Gioeli-Mark Boals)
  8. All My Fault (Roberto Tiranti-Johnny Gioeli-Mark Boals-Daniel Gildenlow)
  9. To Be Free (Liv Kristine)
  10. Fight Again(Mark Boals)
  11. Far Away From Here (Daniel Gildenlow-Johnny Gioeli-Roberto Tiranti-Mark Boals)

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