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Heaven Around Galway Bay

This song is by Daniel O'Donnell and appears on the album The Irish Album (2002).

When they told me that Ireland was heaven
I said, that's where I'm longing to stay
Then an emigrant voice said, "That's my land
If you please sir, I'll show you the way"

You will see smiling faces that greet you
With a, "Cead Mile Failte" at store
And the candle burns bright in the window
Of a cabin with only one door

When you see the moon rise over Gladdagh
And the golden sand kisses the sea
Then you're on the right road sir for heaven
For it's heaven around Galway bay

In the church on the hill in the moonlight
You can hear a sweet angel voice sing
It's the angel who's heart I may gladden
When I give her my gold Gladdah ring

And the darling who smiles so divinely
At the sound of the bell stops to pray
Just you turn and say, "God let she kindly"
And to heaven she'll show you the way


Written by:

Eamon O'Shea

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