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Dope Danny

This song is by Daniel Lioneye and appears on the album King Of Rock'n Roll (2001).

I woke up this morning, found myself shakin
All I need is just one fix to get my motor runnin
Then I found from my pocket, funny little plastic bag
It was full of white powder, guaranteed to make me made

That's why they call me dope Danny

Snuffed 3 lines and took the needle, pierced my skin and started to fly
I was big, I was little, drifting through the crimson sky
Nothing seemed to be enough, I had to take a lot more dope
Then it got all too rough, I had become a cosmic pope

That's why they call me dope Danny


Oh my god my head is melting, all I see is human brains
Blazing with a million colours gigantic dose in my veins
Then I kept fallin and fallin, fallin deeper into the haze
Oh sweet lord please please help me in your interstellar ways

That's why they call me dope Danny


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