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Sweet Soul Honey

This song is by Daniel Lanois and appears on the live album Rockets (2004).

Shirley doesn't ask for more
She works at the diner
She mops the floor
Her baby said momma
I'm going to buy you a mountain
You can sit on it for a while

She said, baby, I know it's getting late
You have broken through walls, through so many gates
But there is one there that I think you've missed
It's evil iron is shattered by a kiss

The acquisitions keep coming in
Till the brain bags out the skin
Till the fingers don't know what to touch
And the heart beats double dutch

She said, baby, I know, know it's so hard to stop
Your engine drive is the drug you've got
Some kind of nomad blood running through your chest
Some kind of nomad blood won't let you rest

But I want you like a turbo wants a charge

Mama's milk never wanted this
Drop that sword and swallow her kiss
I will love you in the presence of doubt
I will love you when there's no food for your mouth

Give up the ghost that won't let you go
You've got to get out before you're sick you know
Sirens ringing from the hotel window
Dreams dried up of wheat and silo

The bass drum pounds the load of a dusty road ahead
Another strangled heart laying sad on a bed
You want to be special, you want to dark and din
But your stomach is sinking for fame, for taste of win

So I'm coming to you like a runaway train
To you like ancient refrain
Coming to you to dominate the money
Let me be your sweet soul honey
Soul honey, soul honey
Soul honey, soul honey

Written by:

Daniel Lanois

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