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This song is by Daniel Küblböck.

Ladies and Gentleman, Die Sommerzeit beginnt,
gehen Sie hinaus, legen Sie sich auf die Decken
und feiern Sien den Sommer 2003.

Baby, baby can you hear my heart
Baby, one, two, three, we'll start
Do you want so see my perfect body
Baby come let's have a party
Don't tell me lies - like a devil in disguise
Oh every night and baby every day
I hear what my heart will say
You're a sexy, sexy girl
I'll show you a brand new world
Don't tell me lies - like a devil in disguise

I hear your heartbeat, heartbeat next to mine
I feel your love heat, love heat, all the time
I hear your heartbeat, heartbeat, night and day
I hear your love beat, love beat, come what may
Don't tell me lies - like a devil in disguise

Baby, baby call me Dr. Love
Baby I can't get enough
Wam bam, oh thank you madame
Do you want t o play a game
Don't tell me lies, like a devil in disguise


Rock 'n' Roll


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