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Hate Song

This song is by Daniel Johnston.

You won't even know who you are or what you're doing -- just you and your shadow on the wall.
You won't even get nothin' for Christmas; no one will take you to the mall. You'll be all alone.
You'll be waiting by the phone, waiting for my call. You'll sit nervously waiting for it to ring.
You'll be waiting by the phone, hoping it will ring, but it won't ring 'cause I won't call.

You'll bite into your fingernails and spit them on the floor 'til you won't have no fingernails no more.
You'll think about the good times that we used to have while staring at the cobwebs on your door.
And you'll be all alone -- the clock will tick and it'll make you sick as every moment of your life passes by.
You'll contemplate suicide with a knife one night, and it won't be nice.

You'll be all alone -- yes, no one will be there to stop you.
No one to clear your head, no one to talk you out of it, no one to hear the last words that you said,
No one will shed a tear, no one will be there to find you dead 'cause you'll be all alone.

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