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The Staggering Gods

This song is by Daniel Amos and appears on the album Mr. Buechner's Dream (2001).

The gods are staggering
Across the earth in their chains
The gods are dying
Clutching at lost fortune and fame

The feel good god
And the lord of science
Democracy's blind and
Bewildered giants
The hammer and the sickle
And the modern appliance
All the staggering gods

The gods are stumbling
Hopeless and sick unto death
They're the ones we worship
And they're gasping for their final breath

And here's the terrible noise
That gives them away
The thud of worn out shoes
And cracking feet of clay
We've heard the stammering words
Of these dying kings
And we shudder at the sound
Of this fearsome things

The gods are fumbling
They're weak and they're ready to fall
The gods are human
Not one of them can help us at all

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