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Daniel Amos
This song is performed by Daniel Amos and appears on the album Live At Cornerstone (2000).
This song is a cover of "The Big Guns" by The Swirling Eddies.
Get ready to draw the rockets of peace
There's a showdown tonight on the bright milky way
Ambush the bad men, blow him right out of the east
We'll be singin', "yi yippy ky, whoopee ky yippy I aye"

Hold on to your hats and wear clean underwear
Wrap the wagon train around the green suburban lawns
If we die we're gonna meet the good Lord up in the air
Chantin' "yippy I yippy I, move the little doggies along!"

And we'll bring out the Big Guns tonight
And right all the wrong that is right
We're gonna spill some blood, and shed some light
When we bring out the Big Guns tonight

Lock and load and spray on the armour all,
When the dogs of war drop a rocket on the white house lawn.
Wear the emperor's new clothes down to the destruction ball,
Singin' "yippy I yippy I, move the little doggies along!"

And if I go down, I will take you with me
No, you don't have to cross the jordan all alone
Love and hate are here within me
And it scares me to think how angry I have grown
Finish the chapter, write a new page
The last man standing gets to start all over again
He'll bury the Big Guns and think he's found a new age
He'll walk off singing "I yippy I yippy I aye"
He'll walk off singing "I yippy ky yippy I aye"

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