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This song is by Danger Radio.

Woke up yesterday thinking something new about the now and nevers in our lives
Forever discovers the way we feel inside
The scarlet moment brings back all the memories inside
Makes me wish we could go back to better days.

But now these days have passed up by
The hours come and I am stuck at home again.

Spent all my life, just thinking about the good old days, and how we used to be.
Staying at home, living it up just like it should be
But now those days are gone, now those days are gone

Memories from years ago, just came up again
And I sit here thinking why didn't things stay the way they were
Days like that, times like these
Maybe things are going wrong in my life and how should these things really be?

Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do
Do do, do do do

Memories from years ago they just came up again, they just came up again

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