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A Man

This song is by Dane Bowers.

New York, London, Paris, girl, he told you he was outta town,
But your best friend saw him coming out another little cuties house.
Now I dont know why girl you think, he even gives a damn,
Coz he aint really got your back baby, girl he aint no man.

A man wont cheat, a man wont lie, a man wont play them games,
Won't be in the club, getting too drunk, coz he knows its all the same.
If a man's got some kids, he knows their his, he's got pride and he aint ashamed
Coz a man wont cheat, a man wont lie and a man wont play them games.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, girl everydays the same,
Secrets, stories, lies - u know he aint gonna change.
Im not hating but im saying, he aint the one for you,
Im trying to make you understand , that girl he aint no man.

Chorus x 3

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